What Are Enhanced Diamonds?

What Are Enhanced Diamonds?


Not all diamonds are created equal. Diamonds may be forever, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect!


Just like any other mineral, diamonds have slight imperfections such as cracks and blemishes. Rather than chucking these imperfect gems, they can be enhanced to be better than ever. State-of-the-art technology can make slightly damaged gems into a product that is almost identical to an organically perfect diamond. And here’s the best part: they’re slightly more affordable, despite being visually just as beautiful as a non-enhanced diamond. So, that may make you wonder:



What exactly are enhanced diamonds?


Just like some people want facelifts for small imperfections, diamonds sometimes need one too. Clarity enhancement is when someone uses a solution that closes up the cracks in a way that might remind you of the last time you got a tooth filling. This is sometimes called “fracture-filling.”


You know how hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs? Well, enhanced diamonds are 99.9% perfect. Rather than removing the imperfections, it covers them up so it looks like any regular diamond you might come across in a jewelry case.


If you’ve ever seen a diamond for a lower price than what it must be worth, then don’t worry: it’s not a fake! It looks almost entirely flawless, so it can’t possibly cost that little. You’re in luck—it’s an enhanced diamond, not cubic zirconia. Whatever its value was before the procedure will be its final price.


Not sure if it’s enhanced or not?


To see the former imperfections requires hyper-magnification. Most people can’t tell where they are by just looking at the diamond. A scope is your best bet for seeing where the treatment was done. When you use a scope to look for these alterations, you can actually see a luminous glow where the filling was used.


In most cases, you’ll have to ask about it. Diamond vendors and other jewelers are not required by the Gemological Institute of America to tell you if a gem has been enhanced. Some jewelers might tell you, but it often requires you to inquire about it yourself. Any treatment should be mentioned on the diamond's gemological certification.


Even so, most people who buy enhanced diamonds are equally satisfied with their purchase as people who bought non-enhanced diamonds for two to three times the price. That means enhanced diamonds are just as good as their more-natural counterparts but for a much more affordable cost.


Should I handle treated diamonds differently?


Just like any other piece of jewelry, you should make sure to keep your diamonds as safe as possible. Acidic solutions and significant flame-generated heat are liable to making the filling come out of an enhanced diamond. If you are thinking about re-cutting it, you should tell your jeweler that it was clarity-enhanced before they begin to work on the diamond.


If you take good care of your jewelry, whether it’s clarity-enhanced or not, you’ll be happy with it for years to come. Enhanced diamonds are a great option if you want a beautiful gem for a lower price.


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