Why do diamonds sparkle?

Sparkling diamonds in a variety of colors are usually studded in rings, earrings, pendants and other pieces of jewelry. But what gives diamonds their sparkle, and why do diamonds shine so impressively when they are exposed to light?

Do rough Diamonds sparkle?


A diamond is a mineral found in the bowels of the earth, but anyone who thinks rough diamonds sparkle like jewels is mistaken.
A rough diamond looks like an opaque stone, unworthy of a second look.
While rough diamonds sometimes crystallize in their typical shape of two pyramids joined at their base, most rough diamonds have an amorphous shape that is anything but appealing to the eye.

Rough diamonds - Diamonds sparkle

Making a Diamond Sparkle :


In order for the diamond to sparkle, it must first be polished by skilled diamond cutters. The purpose of this process is to take a rough diamond, devoid of any color or shape, and turn it into a polished stone with precise dimensions and maximum brilliance. The cutting process creates a set of gradients in the diamond that in turn create a system of small prisms that fracture the white rays of light. The professional name for these prisms is "facets."

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Why does a diamond shine brighter than any other stone?

A polished diamond gives off more light than any other gem because one of its inherent properties is having high reflective qualities. A reflective coefficient defines the effect of a transparent material on the light passing through it, and is usually marked with the letter "n." Glass, for example, has a refractive index of 1.5-1.9, while diamonds have the highest reflective index in nature – 2.419.

A ray of white light comprises all the colors of the rainbow and once it hits a diamond's facets, it brakes and reflects all the colors that make it up, making the diamond sparkle in a variety of hues.

Ideal American cut Diamonds sparkle

Does every diamond cut sparkle in the same way?

Diamonds are cut into a variety of shapes, in accordance with market demands and the optimal utilization of each rough gem. There are round-shaped diamonds, pear-shaped diamonds, emerald, heart and baguette-cut diamonds, as well as many other shapes. Round-cut diamonds are considered the most brilliant and are often referred to as round-brilliant diamonds. This polishing style comprises 58 facets that maximize the light that is emitted from the diamond.

It was diamantaire Marcel Tolkowsky, who was also a mathematician, who established the proportions of the round-brilliant cut in 1919. To this day, these proportions are considered ideal for the polishing process, which maximizes the diamond's reflective qualities.

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