The Asscher Diamond Cut


Invented in 1902, the Asscher cut was the first diamond cut to be patented.

Origin of Name

The Asscher cut is named after its inventor, Joseph Asscher of Amsterdam’s Royal Asscher Diamond Company, the son of a prominent family of diamond cutters. The Royal Asscher Diamond Company is also responsible for polishing the legendary Cullinan Diamond – the largest gem-quality rough ever uncovered.

The company was founded by Joseph Isaac Asscher in 1854. The company was later run by his two sons, Joseph and Abraham, who learned the craft from their father. In 1902, Joseph invented the Asscher cut and patented it.

The Unique Qualities of the Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut is square-shaped with cropped corners and 74 facets. The design is symmetrical and precisely proportioned. It is also characterized by a high crown, which gives it the “hall of mirrors” effect and a kaleidoscope-like effect, full of colors all shining brilliantly at the same time.

Apart from its unique shape, the Asscher cut was also the first diamond cut to be patented, and the Royal Asscher Diamond Company retained the rights to the cut for four decades. When the patent expired during World War II, other diamond companies began to use the cut but did not always adhere to Joseph Asscher’s specifications. Today, according to the company’s website, every Royal Asscher Cut diamond is laser inscribed with the Royal Asscher Cut logo and an identification number belonging to that particular diamond only.

Asscher Cut

Not every rough diamond is suited for the Asscher cut. It can only be cut from an octahedral shaped rough diamond crystal, which is sawn above the middle part of the diamond, known as the girdle. According to the company, “this crucial action sacrifices 15% more of the rough diamond and achieves a higher crown. The high crown gives the Royal Asscher Cut its greater dispersion of color and light and the superior brilliance in comparison to a standard square-emerald ‘Asscher’”.

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