Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant Cut Diamonds


A radiant cut is a square cut diamond with cropped corners, unique for its impressive levels of brilliance (the amount of white light reflected back).


Diamond Radiant cut


Between Emerald and Round


The radiant cut combines the Emerald and Round cuts. The Emerald cut is characterized by its “step cut” polish, while Round cuts have diagonal facets that reflect white light particularly well.


While the radiant cut is a square cut, the cutting process is done using diagonal facets around its pavilion and crown. The radiant cut has up to 70 facets, and is popular among polishers and consumers alike for its ability to effectively combine durability against chips and breakage together with maximum brilliance.


The radiant cut is excellent for engagement rings since the majority of the diamond is contained within its u-prong setting, like in solitaire rings. When surrounded by smaller diamonds, the ring has a vintage-like look.




The Designer of the Radiant Cut


The inventor of the radiant cut, master diamond cutter Henry Grossbard, immigrated to the US from France during World War II. Grossbard’s family managed to escape a Nazi concentration camp with the help of a US consulate worker, who expedited their visa application.


During his 30 years in the diamond industry, Grossbard implemented his motto by which “a master cutter can see a rough and imagine the polished stone”. He knew that the elegant Emerald cut was immensely popular, but wanted to improve upon its brilliance. In 1977, he created the Emerald cut.


The unique cut drew plenty of attention for its exceptional combination of the Emerald shape with the brilliance characteristic of the round cut. As Grossbard himself explained, “I created the radiant cut not to save on the diamond’s weight when polishing it, but to create a beautiful diamond”.